Monday, February 22, 2010


When I was younger my biggest fear was always the basement. One of my chores was to feed our dog. His dishes were in the very back corner of the basement right outside the storage room door. This scared me to death I don't know if I thought there was a monster or what in there storage room, but something bad was in there and it was going to get me. I would walk down the stairs and as soon as my foot touched the basement floor I was running faster then the speed of light to get the the bag of food, scoop out what I needed, and poor it into his dishes. As soon as it was poured into the bowl I would throw the scoop back into the bag as I was spinning around and bolting back to the steps. This remids me of The Lord of the Flies because the little kids are all scared of the beastie, which is just like the thing in the storage room I was scared of. The only difference is the beastie lived in my basement and because of it I was scared to even feed the dog.